Because new beginnings.

Two weeks ago. Its been a whole two weeks. I don’t miss it. At first, I thought I might. But no. I’ve evolved out of it. It lingers, but I’ve disconnected it.

Two weeks ago, I initiated “Last Post” on Facebook, and went dark. I realized that over the last couple years, it had become not what I wanted of it. People I followed or friended, I did so because it was some social necessity. As if the negative repercussions would be dire if I didn’t. Yet at the same time, I despised most of what people posted, because they were just linking through to some article that I didn’t care about. And then, there was the commenting. Most news sites, etc, have disabled commenting due to trolls and vitriol. I don’t blame them one bit. I trained myself over time, to not read the comments on things. At the same time, I was trained by FaceBook to not comment on things, because it would:

  1. lead to an unending stream of notifications that someone else had commented, replied, liked, disliked, or breathed wrong on the original post.
  2. People seem to think that a keyboard gives them permission to say whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want, in someone else’s space.

I’ve watched Facebook posts and comments lead to arguments, fights, and rifts between family members. FaceBook stopped being digital, and began intruding into the real world. Finally, when I realized that it didn’t matter what I posted, someone would invariably choose to comment and not have any tact, I realized I was done. The culture that had come to pass as normal, I no longer enjoyed. I realized I didn’t need it anymore, and didn’t want it anymore. So I deleted the app from my iPhone, and I walked away. I didn’t slam the door on my way out. I left one last post for people to scratch the commenting itch on, and closed the door behind me.

Its been a breath of fresh air. Its comparable to when The Missus and I turned off the cable TV. It was like that little part of existence was now gone, and replaced with fresh air. Now, of course, a couple people emailed me, asking if they’d offended me, and offering apologies if they had. Those gentlemen are just that. Gentlemen. And no, they did not offend me. They might have been part of the catalyst, but the end result was something that had been coming for a long time.

On the back end of that, I still feel the need to write things down and to post my thoughts and images somewhere. Its cathartic, that. But I prefer to do it with zero comments. What I say, what I post, the images I share, these are statements. They are not questions. they are not open for discussion. Suffice it to say, if you do not like what I post, you are not afforded the privilege of commenting. You are afforded the option to walk away, and not read.

All of this may be the catalyst to get me back to this place, and these words. It began in 2003 with LiveJournal. There was also MySpace. And FaceBook. And Oh, and early incarnations of MGL. Maybe its about high time that my words ended up here again.

I used to care about if people looked at my stuff. I was curious if anyone read my writings. the goal was to increase exposure. Now, truth be told, I’m not sure I care. If you choose to read my writings, good for you! if you don’t, I’m okay with that. This is for me. And I shall endeavour to keep it that way.