I’m sitting in the post-op/short stay ward at legacy hospital in PDX. Been here since about 1, it’s 9 now. I’m wheel-man today for my sibling. No details, as it’s not my place. But I can say I’m proud of how tough and determined my sibling is. I’ve been waiting patiently all afternoon. My squad mate, yeah. All the heaving lifting was on that side of the equation. 

I am however, looking forward to a meal, taking off my shoes, putting Crash to bed, and giving my kitty some scruffles. Wouldn’t mind catching up with the wife either. All things in due time. 
While I was in the waiting room, I was impressed. People like to all talk at the same time. Loudly. Over each other. About the most inane shit. I put in my earplugs (yes. I carry titanium earplugs at all times.). I then read the first two issues of Marvel’s Secret Empire story arc. 

I may have, during this adventure, eaten the lamest ham sandwich I’ve ever paid for. But, yeah. Hospital cafeteria food.