Goodbye, my sweet girl…

Some days are good. Some are bad. Some deserve to be lit on fire. At the moment I don’t even know how to feel. The Missus took our black kitty, Zuul, to the vet today. She’d lost some weight. We hoped for positive news, and that whatever was amiss, wouldnt be terrible. We didnt get that. Rather the opposite. Our beloved cat has cancerous tumors in her kidneys. She’s showing the very early stages of renal failure. Sadly, at the age of 7, we’re going to lose her. I’d expected to have her well into her teens, maybe pushing 20. This wont be the case.

After we first bought the house, I spent a decent amount of effort convincing my Wife that we needed cats. She wasnt a cat person then, so she wasnt completely on board. But she saw how important it was to me, and she partially caved. At the humane society, we wandered through the cat area, looking at all the cats. There was much commotion as they all wanted our attention. Except the little black one with the huge yellow eyes. She cocked her head to one side, and stared intently at me. I stared back at her, and it was instantly obvious. She was figuring me out. Cognitively. And, she was, without saying a word, or doing anything excessive, letting me know that once I’d seen all the other kitties, She’d be ready to go home. I turned to my Wife, and informed her that the black one had picked me. And truly, she had.

The little black kitty has been the household overseer, our constant companion, watch-cat, and much more than I can speak to. We’ve loved her unconditionally, and she’s put up with us, because we’re only human. Were that I could give all that I have, for her to live her life to its full possibility. I’ll be happy to have her for the time left I’m given. Now, I just need to figure out two things. 1. How to not cry for the loss of my little black best friend. And 2. How to ensure that when her last day comes, its her best day ever.