Life, undulates like waves.

Things have been a bit up and down for a while.After 9 years, no more Mother Fruit. Its a strange disconnect there. I miss the people dearly. But I don’t miss the job. I think I was ready to go, and they were ready to let me. I swim away from that part of my life, a better, more agile person, happier and confident in who I am, and what I brought. I’ll leave that bit, at that.

In other news, on a sad note, there’s been some loss. Our dear black kitty, Zuul, has left us due to illness. She had everything cancer. The missus and the housemates are struggling with the loss of our feline matriarch. 7 years was not enough.

On a good note though, we made it back to DC for a week. The Missus picked up some website development work, and I got in a week of hands on IT work for a certain editorial firm. Getting paid is a lovely thing for sure. I was also able to see an old friend, hang out with his kids, and spend time with a certain Mom. Cant complain about that.

Now, if we fast forward to today, its been all over the map. I was mildly despondent this morning. But I forced myself out of the funk, and did some yard-work before applying for a job I was debating applying for. I then dragged The Missus to a local home repair warehouse. Items were returned, and then we ran by The Mart to pick up groceries. Spending time running errands with The Missus is always good.

Upon returning home, there were yet more mixed moments. No sooner had The Missus put beer in the fridge, when a text message popped up, altering us to the passing of an extended family member. Not awesome. I hate watching The Missus cry. However, at the same time, I got a text from a very good friend, alerting me to an open position with her company (a rather famous online book retailer), and she requesting my resume. Scant minutes later, she had said resume, and my glowing thanks. I can safely say, I’d be very happy to have that opportunity.

We followed up all of this with grilled chicken tacos for dinner, a little Three Amigo’s action, and ice cream. Then, I got to work on the evening’s creation. I was tasked with baking a German Chocolate Cake.

For those that dont know, I’ve never made said item. But how hard can it be, right? A couple recipes mashed together, a couple reference photos, and I’m off to the races.

Now, like I said, I’ve never made this dessert before. But I think I did a pretty good job. I’m hoping the recipient is pleased.

Post that, there was laundry, bathing, and soon, kitty time. I’d call that a day full of ups and downs. I’ll sleep tonight, and wake up tomorrow, ready to see what happens. Yay.