Perhaps I need to write more…

A while back, I came to the realization that I despise FaceBook. Initially, it was a neat way to reconnect with old friends, family, and so on. Right up until it wasnt.

I realized that I have little in common with most of my family, and even less interest in their lives. I discovered that people I was friends with since high school? I definitely dont care about their endless posts about their amazing and life changing keto diet. And then there were the other friends that didnt actually do anything other than reblog random garbage I didnt care about. Follow that up with the ads, and then the continuous revamping of the news feed (for the love of christ, I do not care if some random person I dont know, tagged someone I do know, in some random way), and the final inexorable failure, the inability to turn off commenting.

More often than not, I would write out something, now matter how innocuous, and the comments below would become a battleground between people who friended me, or it would become a soapbox for some person’s personal bent. Then, I found that I was deleting my own posts, because others couldnt respect my space to speak.

I pulled further and further back, posting less and less, until I was basically just lurking. And even then, I kinda didnt care about any of it. Do I still have the facebook? sure I do. But when I got to the point where even my mom was using it as a vehicle to bitch about politics, I knew it was time to really close the door on that social media. Now that being said, I realize that I still say something about once a month there. But I dont care. I never really write anything of value, because comments. And I find that I dont read much there, because of the organization and the banality of that which people do share. And the even stranger bit is that I’ve just dedicated 4 pages to how much I dislike a social media platform.

What I’m getting at though, I think is pretty straight forward. I miss speaking my mind, writing things down for my own objectivity, and my own record. I stepped away from my written voice as I have so many times in the past, knowing full well I needed to get back to it, and keep putting thoughts on paper, I think its time I returned to this in order to give myself pause, and a chance to consider that which is me. To that end, expect more things written. Some people may read this, they may not. But I’m not really doing it for anyone but myself.