Well, I didn’t know that kitty chemo-therapy was a thing. I do now. Lymphoma. Kidneys, spleen, pancreas. I’m gonna miss my little black kitty something fierce. I really need some good news. Seriously.

Smart Guy Moment

During those times of self doubt (we all have them, shaddup), There’s that brilliant moment when you VPN into a remote network, screen-share into one machine, load terminal, SSH into another machine, and remotely Sudo the ARD agent active, and give yourself access to that second machine. All so you can complete the task you need […]

Goodbye, my sweet girl…

Some days are good. Some are bad. Some deserve to be lit on fire. At the moment I don’t even know how to feel. The Missus took our black kitty, Zuul, to the vet today. She’d lost some weight. We hoped for positive news, and that whatever was amiss, wouldnt be terrible. We didnt get […]


I’m sitting in the post-op/short stay ward at legacy hospital in PDX. Been here since about 1, it’s 9 now. I’m wheel-man today for my sibling. No details, as it’s not my place. But I can say I’m proud of how tough and determined my sibling is. I’ve been waiting patiently all afternoon. My squad […]

Because new beginnings.

Two weeks ago. Its been a whole two weeks. I don’t miss it. At first, I thought I might. But no. I’ve evolved out of it. It lingers, but I’ve disconnected it. Two weeks ago, I initiated “Last Post” on Facebook, and went dark. I realized that over the last couple years, it had become […]

Why is it so hard?

It shouldn’t be so hard to find a grid style theme that I like. Grid theming should be easy. Take my posts. grid them out across the homepage. If they’re an image  post, display the damned image. Dont make me use a featured image. Oh, and optimize the damned code so the whole thing loads […]


I don’t know when it all fell down. A couple days ago? Weeks? I’m not sure when the last time I logged in was. Pretty sure it was a month. Between then and now, the database that drove MGL, vanished. As in it no longer existed. The WordPress files were all there, but the config […]